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Fifth Dimensional Leadership

Apr 22, 2022

Robert (“Bob”) Jordan is the CEO of InterimExecs. A company that provides access between the best interim and project executives in the world and company owners seeking brilliant leadership on demand.


Bob has helped launch, grow and ultimately sell several high-growth companies. His first company, Online Access, put him on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing. He is the author of How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights From the Heart of America and the author of the Nightingale Conant, Audio Production, how they did it. Real-world advice from today's most successful entrepreneurs. 


Olivia Wagner is the co-founder of InterimExecs with Bob and directs the organization matching, growing, and troubled companies with their top-tier executive talent around the globe.


Olivia previously built the interim CEO, interim CFO network from a homegrown website to a robust social network with thousands of members. She directed the publication of various eBooks websites and marketing initiatives and edited how they did it—billion-dollar insights from the heart of America. 


Bob and Olivia have a new book called Right Leader, Right Time, Discover your Leadership Style for Winning.


In our conversation, Bob and Olivia talk about their four styles of leadership as well as:


  • How most leaders cause self-inflicted wounds by not having the right people
  • What the “FABS Leadership Styles” and “Three Principles of FABS Leadership” are
  • How everyone can be a leader, but not every leader can lead in everything.
  • That leaders must play by their strengths to avoid damaging their own business. 
  • How self-awareness is one of the most crucial parts of being a leader, but most people fail to tap into it. 



"When you match the right leadership style with the right organization, you see a lot of successful outcomes." - Olivia Wagner


"Most owners would rather be dead than proven wrong." - Bob Jordan


"Leaders don't hide. They take accountability for their actions" - Olivia Wagner


"Integrity resonates with all of us, but many (leaders) don’t act with integrity" - Bob Jordan


"You feel you're in a period of growth expansion, knowing that you're in the exact right role." - Olivia Wagner


"The giant leap that a person in a position of responsibility has to be able to do is to say ‘I need help.’" - Olivia Wagner


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